My Journey Toward Enlightenment

I hold space for people to awaken, transform and live who they truly are with joy and wonder, to help people on their journey toward enlightenment.

My work allows people to become aware, empowered, and grounded in their bodies, in their lives, clearly knowing what they desire and what is important to them, and then achieving it.

I do this by teaching and coaching groups, large and small, doing individual private sessions in person and over the telephone and through writing and sharing. I coach, teach and share with people a way to understand, forgive, love themselves and discover their inner potential, abilities and feel empowered enough to actually achieve what it is they came here to do. 

The word 'enlightenment' is often misused.  It is the journey toward enlightenment that is important, not the goal.  My intention is to embody and be a conduit for the Light and the Divine so that others can see their true self, their true essence, and begin to live it. I often sense a person's essence and by remembering and simply holding space with this as a possibility and potential, I support and guide them as they come back to living that true essence.

I can show people how to make a shift in consciousness, awaken, take action and enjoy the process and journey of their life. By doing so together I believe we help to change the whole world's level of awakening and consciousness moving toward enlightenment.

I choose to create a sense of safety with my presence. In that safety a profound shift and transformation can take place. The result is often a deep connection to one’s own inspiration.

Over the years I have developed a special way of integrating my experience and the knowledge I have learned through the in-depth study of the Wave Maker, Core Dynamics, Pure Awareness, Energy Psychology, Quantum Physics, Qigong, Field Therapy and The Law of Attraction, into an effective process of self-realization & empowerment which supports others to transform and evolve.

New developments coming on my journey toward enlightenment!

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